We have a passion for reuniting people and providing amazing moments through Portuguese gastronomy accompanied by the experience with wines from exclusive producers, that you will not find in your usual selling point. We have the cozy space of the wine cellar and an amazing indoor terrace, where you can enjoy tapas and meals with the best wine experience.

From Origin to Your Door


Our work also consists of selecting wines developed for sale in wine cellars, the Horeca channel and export markets


Our producers bet on quality as a differentiating factor, using ingenuity, respecting tradition and exploring the land and grape varieties


We want to make our brands known to the consumer and thus complete the “From Origin to Your Door” cycle

Wine Bar Restaurant with Terrace and Wine Cellar in Conde Redondo

Our astonishing terraces are ideal places for events such as: group lunches and dinners, coffee breaks and company meetings where you can enjoy a delicious meal with the best wine experience.
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